Make LP3M-UB as an institution for development of education and quality assurance to push Brawijaya University toward world class enterprenurial university through excelent service in the field of training (including PBM, the curriculum and society) and students.


  1. Push the rate of acceleration of the development of education at Brawijaya University through various activities scientific study to produce concepts of strategic thinking that can be used as a preparation of the policy on the level of Brawijaya University, particularly with regard to the quality of human resources, relevance of education, the organization implementation unit or professional and academic education, and management education.
  2. Improve the quality of human resources (lecturers), especially in the context of understanding, mastery and the implementation of the principle, instructional activities methods and techniques.
  3. Had a role in effort to empower the community (the campus and beyond college campus) by the use of the concept of and scientific method through various education intervention and professional training.