Aware of the importance of increasing the quality of higher education, in 1976 Brawijaya University (UB) in a continuous manner hold increasing the quality of instructional activity through a wide variety of program included  Program Akta Mengajar V, Pelatihan Ketrampilan Dasar Teknik Instruksional (PEKERTI) against young lecturer and the program Applied Approach (AA) for senior lecturer, so that in ub at that time there is a team known as a team AA.

The success of UB in instructional improve the ability of has been recognised by a great variety of parties as evidenced by the frequent AA team received an invitation to conduct training outside campus. Nevertheless structurally AA team has no regard with the institutional structure in UB. This condition push the formation of Lembaga Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Pendidikan (LP3) Brawijaya University as one of the agency that owned Brawijaya University in 1998 based on SK Rektor No.20/sk/98 an undated 12 March 1998 having four central namely :

  1. Pusat Peningkatan dan Pengembangan Aktivitas Instruksional (P3AI)
  2. Pusat Pengembangan Relevansi Pendidikan (P2RP)
  3. Pusat Pengembangan Pendidikan Akademik dan Profesional (P3AP)
  4. Pusat Pengembangan Manajemen Pendidikan (P2MP)

In accordance with the proposal of UB become BHPMN year 2007, is hence LP3-UB Unit Kerja Penunjang Pelaksanaan Akademik (UKPPA) UB based on SK Rektor. Thus, the presence of LP3-UB not add complex bureaucracy college degree and still remain there for quality assurance systems yet membudaya in the execution of ub academic activities. For it, in running a mandate routine, daily activities LP3-UB be under coordination Maid Rector Of The Academic Field And Students .On the contrary, strategic activities which need the level of university policy, directly controlled by the Rector. A consequence, almost all the activities supported by funds Pembiayaan Negara Bukan Pajak (PNBP) UB and DIPA budget submitted routine every year. Financial accountability done every activity.

Manual Prosedur (MP) or Instruksi Kerja (IK). Activities a year have been proposed in order under the coordination of LP3-UB secretary. In more detail, presented and arranged at least it is implemented by a the agency responsible. For the activities run based on the principle of effectiveness, resource efficiency, performance indicators based outcomes and sustainable. To assist the development of coordination SMM ISO 9001: 2008 then the head of LP3-UB through plenary meeting and a letter of assignment No. 593a/UN10.20/KP/2013 designating secretary as Manager Representative (MR). As for the assignment is :

  1. Monitoring all of the processes incidental SMM with the internal and external and hopefully the contest implemented and is preserved.
  2. Plan and coordinate a regular schedule management review as well as improvement SMM LP3-UB.
  3. Coordinate document management , recording and resources LP3-UB in the neighborhood.
  4. Help top management plan, formulate, monitor, the Rector of hope satisfaction and feedback systems other customers.
  5. Monitoring and report on quality indicators target has achieved at least twice each year.