Management Review

As a unit of work supporting academic implementing Brawijaya University (UKPPA-UB) which are based on a quality management system (SMM) SNI ISO 9001:2008, then LP3-UB always implement management review every year, performance evaluation it is aimed for 1 years to the achievement of the fulfillment of quality (expectations) meet the standards. In general, the process of review LP3-UB management are as follow :

  1. Preparation of management review. Begins with the preparation of management review the implementation of the concept of technical, consisting of schedule, the data necessary to review material and management division of tasks. The next, LP3-UB plenary meeting will give correction and approval of the concept of the implementation of management review.
  2. The implementation of management review. Data collection LP3-UB by each program associated with reference to the field of quality LP3-UB target. Given the time to discuss each of the field of quality of each of these objectives. The discussion is accompanied by description of the obstacles, prevention and correction and a breakthrough done in the implementation of its programs .The discussion is delivered to secretary LP3-UB, as management representative, to do a compilation and analysis system effectiveness and efficiency.
  3. Reporting management review. The results of a compilation and analysis effectiveness and efficiency system in LP3-UB formulated in a report written. The concept of a written report was given to all personnel LP3-UB repeated to be examined. Next, the revision of the report delivered on to the head of Brawijaya University to get directions and policies on LP3-UB organization. `