Document Repair Mechanism

The act of repair and prevention aims to maintain consistency and repair the control of documents related to products and services and on LP3-UB, in order to prevent return the product or service is not appropriate. The act of repair and prevention identified in this procedure applied to any process and products and services in each of which are part and related documents.

Instructions Procedure of Repairing and prevention :

  1. Investigating the cause of a mismatch.
  2. Analyzing the process, operation work, the recording quality, customer complaints, etc.
  3. Efforted the act of repairing and prevention.
  4. Ensure that action taken has been implemented effectively.
  5. Implement and record changes in procedure resulting from the act of repairing, using nonconformity report, the act of repairing and prevention.

Initiators Act of Repairing :

  1. In identifying the needs of the act of improvement, a unit of the unit managers have to propose the act of improvement.
  2. The identification of nonconformity must complete and detailed, if possible, the root cause the incident identified so that the act of improvement can be exercised with proper.
  3. The act of repairing the proposal will be discussed together between teams internal auditor, implementation unit, and MR.

The Act of Solicitation Processing Improvements :

  1. The unit managers will assess any act of repairing the proposal together with MR to ensure that the act of improvement has been described correctly and sufficient and explain the conditions that require the act of repairing.
  2. To a condition requiring the act of repairing, an agreement MR and internal auditor mention the resolution of the complaint to be recorded in the report the act of repairing and prevention.
  3. Implementation unit responsible have to make sure that the act of repairing that have been agreed was carried out on the date set and informs to MR when verification can be done.
  4. Implementation unit have to verify the completion of the act of repairing.
  5. Implementation unit must sign verification the files recording the inconsistency between the and the report on the act of repairing and prevention if the results of the act of repairing approved and implemented effectively.
  6. Implementing units status maintain a list in order to ensure the proposal of the act of repairing all the types of jobs have been resolved.
  7. If the act of repairing agreed not carried out, it will be reported to mr with a copy of the supporting data.