System Documents

The system allows security documentation alignment between planning , the implementation, control LP3-UB process of activities. This is a communication tool effective and ensure the consistency of action to produce products in accordance with the requirements of customers and sustainable quality improvement. LP3-UB setting and maintaining the procedures documented on the control of all the documents and records the device relating to the requirements smm. The following is a list of documents LP3-UB quality :

  1. Manual Quality
  2. Manual Procedures Control and Recording Documents
  3. Manual Procedures Control Products is not Appropriate
  4. Manual Procedures Act of Prevention and Correction
  5. Manual Procedures Internal Audit Quality
  6. Manual Procedures Training
  7. Manual Procedures Election Lecturers/The Head Course of Study/Teaching Staff/Laboratory Assistant/Librarian
  8. Manual Procedure Seminars
  9. Manual Procedure Cooperation
  10. Manual Procedure Assessment
  11. Manual Procedure Goods Maintenance