Quality Assurance Center

In order to improve quality, relevancy and efficiency of services, management of UB needs SPMI/IQAS (Sistem Penjaminan Mutu Internal/Internal Quality Assurance System). In 2002, UB Rector established a Monitoring and Evaluation Team (Monevin) having tasks to support, to monitor and to evaluate PHK/CBF (Program Hibah Kompetisi/ Competitive Based Funding) i.e. Due-like implementation. Due to the limited number of internal auditors, the task of quality control was replaced by Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation (BME) Team consisting 7 members supervised by Prof. Dr. Ir. Tri Susanto, M.App.Sc. BME was formalized by the Decree of Rector No. 022/SK/2003 dated March 4, 2003.

In line with Ditjen Dikti/DGHE (Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi/Directorate General of Higher Education) programs in re-structuring organization through the initiating establishment of quality assurance unit, UB changed the role of CBF of Monevin (Internal Monitoring and Evaluation) from a quality controller to a quality assurance and quality improvement in academic including accreditation of bachelor degree study programs formalized by the Decree of Rector No. 017A/SK/2005 dated Februari 12, 2005 regarding the establishment of PJM/QAC (Pusat Jaminan Mutu/Quality Assurance Center) consisting 7 staff. Following the dynamic and capacity of UB, the institution of the QAC and the tasks of the QAC team are renewed every year with the rector decree. Based on the Decree of Rector No. 023A/SK/2006 dated February 13, 2006, the task of the UB QAC is extended to continue the previous activities.

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