Head of P2MP

Job description of Kepala Pusat Pengembangan Manajemen Pendidikan (P2MP)

Coordinate and monitor all the activity process for the assessment and also development of education management related , also conduct :

  1. Make the work programs.
  2. Distribute and divide the duty to the Supporting Head of Administration.
  3. Give Socialization and briefing about the work program to the Supporting Head of Administration and staff.
  4. Give a schedule of times to the staff in the implementation of the work program.
  5. Coordinated with related institutions to implement the program.
  6. Assessment and curriculum development.
  7. Related to the spread of information.
  8. Make a report.
  9. Carry out other duties has given

Curriculum Vitae

NIP 19760414 200212 2002
Nama Dr. Andriani Kusumawati, S.Sos, M.Si., DBA.
Tempat/ Tanggal lahir Malang, 14-04-1976
Agama Islam
Alamat Rumah Jl. Kepundung No. 11A Malang
E-mail andriani_kusuma@ub.ac.id